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Our printing expertise also extends to the design and production of high-quality brochure printing. Produced in a similar way to flyers and leaflets, these promotional materials are usually designed to offer a more in-depth coverage of your products and services.

The content contained within Brochures will be more extensive and informative compared to most other printed marketing items, yet they will be just as appealing and pleasing on the eye.

Brochures can range in length from 8 pages through to 96 pages, and often will consist of separately printed pages that are stitched and trimmed together to create the finished product.

Sometimes the covers are printed on a special thick Silk or Gloss Board, typically 300gsm, to give an impressive presentation.

Product Brochures 1100w 96dpi

Custom Design and Printed Product Brochures – Various Customers

As always, we only use the best materials in order to create an optimised, professional look for your brochures. Special finishes such as lamination and Spot UV application can be applied to the front covers of the Brochure, which offers a striking presentation of colours and accentuates the quality of your designs, thus launching a charm on your customers.

You can mix and match so you get exactly what you want, that’s one of the great things about our brochure printing services. Our prices are competitive and we guarantee excellent turnaround times, thus ensuring that our high-standards of customer service are maintained.

There are many local businesses in Wolverhampton and the Midlands who have benefited from this area of our services, and we would love to add you to this list of satisfied customers.

Catalogue Printing

Catalogues are very similar to brochures in that they showcase your products and services, but there is the subtle difference that they tend to have a more point-of-sale focus.

Typically catalogues will detail the prices of your products so that customers can get an indication of what they will be paying.

We apply the same production principles and techniques as we would for brochures, utilising industry-leading print technologies and the best quality paper and ink materials to create the high-quality product that you deserve.

So if you think we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Catalogue-Gitzo 1100w 96dpi

Gitzo Catalogue – Printed and Stitched to standard

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