Pens & Promotions

PENS  – If you want a simple and persistent way to showcase your corporate identity, our bespoke promotional pens are perfectly designed for this purpose. After all, we all make use of our inky friends on a regular basis, so this will create an abundance of opportunities to reinforce your brand presence and impress potential customers.

We have a product range which gives you plenty choice in terms of style and size, with a wealth of customisation options to match. The range of options afforded to you when looking to utilise this product for marketing purposes is to your advantage.

You can kit your own offices out with your branded biros, hand them out to customers or distribute them at trade shows and exhibitions.

In addition to printing pens, we also offer customisable rulers, USB ports and key rings. With so much choice on offer, we are confident that we can help you find the right solution to promote your business and communicate effectively with potential customers.

Nuffield promotional pens

Custom Ballpoint Pen – Nuffield Health Hospital


If you want to leave people wishing that they could stand under your umbrella, then our print and customisation services could be the perfect solution that you’re looking for.

We utilise specialist printing techniques called Silk Screen and Soft Feel to expertly apply full-colour graphics to the canopies of the umbrella, which are made from resilient high-quality fibres, typically polyester and nylon.

You can be confident that the end-result will stand out and offer the added bonus of protecting you from a soaking, meaning that whenever you get your brolly out, it will shield you from the elements and showcase your corporate identity at the same time. Now that’s what we call efficient!


Customised Pro-FG Umbrella – OTC Precision Fasteners