Mousemat Products

Our customised mousemat is a great gift to give out at exhibitions and to use in your offices, thus maximising the visibility and exposure of your brand.

Your designs will be beautifully printed in full colour, with a range of options of shapes and materials available.

All of our printed mousemat products incorporate a large print area so as to maximise the space available and visibility of your customised branding.


Custom Printed Mousemats – Various

One of our classic production methods for mousemat printing is to print your design onto PVC Substrate and then laminate this onto a foam base to produce the end result. The duration of the under-surface print is virtually unlimited.

Another production options include having a textile cloth printed in full colour by dye sublimation, and then expertly applied to the foam base to generate the finished product. This method of print guarantees and added intensity of colour, creating a more eye-catching and impressive result.

The long-lasting properties of a mousemat once produced, combined with the guaranteed brand exposure and attention-grabbing nature of this product, means that this promotional option offers excellent value as a long-term market solution.


We can supply you with a number of shapes and sizes of drink coasters, including options for circular and square-shaped finishes. The under-surface print is pretty much everlasting and we bond the print to a high quality foam base. This is a premium product that will be perfect collateral for long-term promotional use.

They offer the same persistent presence as a branded mousemat, and can be used in offices as well as handed out at trade shows and Exhibitions, features that are all to your advantage.

When people look down and see your beautiful corporate identity emanating towards them whenever they reach for their late-morning or mid-afternoon tea, this will gradually etch an indelible mark in their memory, thus creating a lasting impression, making you impossible to forget!

DinStock - Promo

Custom Printed Promotional Drink Coaster – DinStock