Email marketing has grown to be an extremely powerful tool that can generate a lot of interest and revenue for a business! If you want to let people know or remind anyone what you have to offer or even if you just want to show off what you have been getting up to then email marketing is one of the ways to go! In todays blog I’m going to give you a couple of tips to get on the right track with an emailing campaign to push your company into more success!

First of all for any email marketing campaign you’ll need a mailing list, building a mailing list never stops as it can constantly grow and decline so you’ll need to keep on top of updating your mailing list to keep the list fresh and relevant. You can do this by creating a subscribe sign up form to keep new people subscribing to your content. Also don’t be afraid to remove people off of your mailing list if they don’t interact they could distort your data and makes it more difficult to find the email marketing campaign that works for you! This list has to have permission to be sent to don’t forget! Even if you could send emails to people who haven’t signed up, you shouldn’t as they probably aren’t interested and you’ll either be marked as spam ruining your chances for people who did sign up to see your emails and you’ll distort all the data you collect and will be unable to get a clear plan as to how you want to improve your emails to get more attention!

Once you’ve got a mailing list you will want to put a good gripping subject line for your email marketing campaign to capture potential readers as some one is more likely to open a message thats fresh and exciting with emojis rather than a mundane, boring, generic email subject line! Just make sure you avoid spam words so your email doesn’t fall into the wrong place!🚮

You will now need good but relevant content. Your readers are interested in what you have to say as they have given you permission to email them, however you’ll want to keep them interest and subscribed by offer good content like offers or new services. It’s not all about you though remember, so it may be worth sending an email with the companies stance on a subject that may be in the news or a charity event you or one of your employees is taking part in! Avoid controversial subjects however, this will help avoid offending people who will then have a negative view on you, unsubscribe and may pass that view on to others, therefore loosing valuable customers!

You will also need to cater your content to your audience! If your email marketing campaign is aimed towards an older generation it will be a good idea to stay away from certain slang words that maybe misunderstood or not understood at all! If you’re emailing a younger generation it may then be a good idea to use a little bit of lingo with out seeming desperate to fit in and forced!

Test your campaigns! It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve watched Dragons den or how many success story blogs you’ve read on the internet, if your email marketing campaign isn’t working for you then you need to change something! There is no set list for a successful email marketing campaign you will need to test what works for you as it may be completely different to what works for other people. You’ll need to play around with content, subject lines and the time of day you send the email to get into a routine of a successful campaign that you’ll find along the way of testing!

Once you’ve tested your email marketing campaign you can finally send it but your work is far from over! You’ll need to keep an eye on the reports and statistics so you can find out what campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. Keep changing your plan as the same thing might work one week and then be unsuccessful the next so keep trying to think of fresh new ideas.

I recommend using MailChimp🔗 to get yourself started on a journey to a great email marketing campaign! (P.S it’s free version is more than enough to get you going!) Good luck everyone!👋

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