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Mobile Friendly Website Design on Several Devices

Just what is a “Mobile Friendly Website”? It’s a term that you will frequently come across when discussing web design and in today’s on-line market place, it’s crucial that your own site meets this criteria. A Mobile Friendly Website is more commonly known as a “responsive” website, or sometime “fluid design”. However, it is also possible to create a mobile friendly site for a static website by adding a set of specially designed pages that are much smaller than a “normal” page width which are “served” to mobile devices by the use of a “re-direct” facility.

It is estimated that around 50% of all searches made on the internet are now performed on mobile devices, so if your website is more than two or three years old, chances are that it was built as a “static” design specifically for viewing on a desktop computer. Check out what your site looks like if you visit it using one of today’s generation of Smartphones, and you’ll soon see how it renders.

Responsive Technology

Mobile friendly websites are now built using responsive platforms and automatically re-arrange the page elements, images, font size and menus to be readily viewable on these much smaller screens. Older websites used to solve this problem by “scaling down” according to the size of the screen, but in most cases what this meant is the the whole page was made very small to fit, with all the web page elements shrinking down in proportion. In these cases, the text can become so small as to be virtually un-readable, and any “text-links” would also become unusable too.

YBS Websites use a special mobile friendly tool to view the rendering of website on various devices so that we can be totally sure that your website is both readable and usable in all eventualities. Every site that we build goes through this rigorous approval process and all designs are 100% mobile friendly.

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